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3 Things All Kick-Butt Resumes Have in Common

Resume writing is a necessary evil.  No one really loves to write or update their resume (not even me), but it is one of those required things we must do as adults to land a job, earn a promotion, or take the next step professionally.  So there are some core and basic things you must do when […]

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7 Ways to Take Control of Your Job Search

In this day and age of technology, it should be relatively easy to find a job, right?  Well, that’s not always the case.  Technology can help make the search process more user friendly, but it doesn’t guarantee quick results, or replace the good old fashioned sweat equity that a job seeker needs to put forth.  […]

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Interview Tips & Strategy

So you applied to a position that looks like it will be a perfect fit for your skills, it looks like an ideal career step forward in both responsibility and salary and you are so eager for the interview, you are bouncing in your seat like a kid on the way to Disneyland. How do […]