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Find out how to get rid of work stress forever

Making time to recharge your internal batteries isn’t a priority for everyone. In this fast-paced life and fast-paced world, people find it hard to slow down to make time to care for themselves, lest an angry boss or needy client label you as “unproductive” or – even worse – “unreachable”.  In these days of instantaneous communication […]

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11 Ways Motherhood and Management are the Same

In honor of Mother’s Day which is rapidly approaching, I decided to reach a little outside my normal niche topics to combine two things that I am passionate about: Being an effective manager and being a good mom. These things are not so different than you would think at first glance. I’ve compiled a list of […]

work life balance

Simple Ways to Create a Work Life Balance

Finding a good work life balance is a fine line to walk when you are very ambitious and actually like what you do.  It’s also hard today, when you are almost constantly available by text, email, and phone to your work, even in your off-hours.  On one hand, it can be very easy for the […]

dealing with difficult people

Tips for Managing Difficult People in Your Life

There’s no way to avoid them, difficult people are everywhere.  They’re driving with you on your commute each day, possibly annoying or frustrating you with their lack of driving skill, they’re at the office with you, at the grocery store, and even at home sometimes.  It’s not feasible to avoid annoying or difficult people completely […]

setting expectations

3 Steps You Can Implement to Aid in Setting Expectations

There is a reason why people set expectations in both life and work and it is simply so that people know what to anticipate, and don’t hope for something they aren’t going to receive/achieve/earn/etc.  Setting expectations removes the guesswork from a situation.  It allows all those involved to stop wasting precious brain power on the […]

power of positivity

The Power of Positivity and Thankfulness

In the spirit of the holidays, I thought I would write about being thankful.  I am a big proponent of the power of positivity. I think that making the best of a bad situation, finding the silver lining, and looking on the bright side are much more constructive paths than trying to find things to […]

time management

Time Management – What you Need to Know

Have you ever looked up at the clock while working and said to yourself “How is it 4:30pm already?  I have so much to do!” If you have, you aren’t alone.  Mindlessly reacting to your day can put you in the mindset of constantly putting out fires and not proactively doing anything towards your real […]

deal with rejection

3 Productive Ways to Deal with Rejection

Rejection can come in many forms and can affect people in different ways.  The one piece of advice I try to give myself, and others, is to not take it personally.  This is easier said than done for many people though.  Putting yourself “out there”, whether it’s for a job, a relationship, a friendship, or […]

effective communication

Keep Calm, and Communicate More Effectively

Feeling heard and understood is a basic need felt by most people.  Learning how to effectively portray your thoughts and emotions to others can be challenging for some, while it comes very naturally to others. Regardless of the ease or difficulty you feel when communicating, I am sure you can agree that it is among […]