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power of positivity

The Power of Positivity and Thankfulness

In the spirit of the holidays, I thought I would write about being thankful.  I am a big proponent of the power of positivity. I think that making the best of a bad situation, finding the silver lining, and looking on the bright side are much more constructive paths than trying to find things to […]


Working Better Together: The Power of Good Teamwork

Working as a team can be the bane of some people’s existence but also the center of many success stories when it’s done right. Teamwork and collaboration is only as strong as the team’s weakest link. The person (or people) who don’t embrace effective teamwork and hinder the flow of progress can cause many road […]

tough conversation feedback

4 Things to Remember When Having the Tough Conversations

Part of managing other people and working in a team environment involves having the occasional uncomfortable or tough conversation about someone’s behavior or how they may be contributing (or not contributing) to the team. For many, this is the most difficult part of management. Everyone likes to be in charge, but few like to be […]