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Career Advice and the #12TipsofChristmas

I decided to blog 12 tips or inspirations for each of the 12 days of Christmas this year (2015). I wanted to compile them all into one blog post, so you can see all of them together! These tips and inspirational quotes are for those of you who are starting a business, currently running a business, entrepreneurs, professional managers, or are just career-oriented. Sometimes it helps to see other’s tips and tricks when you are struggling for some motivation yourself.

So without further ado, check out my #12TipsofChristmas:

career advice, social media tips

With all the need these days for self-promotion and marketing efforts, don’t forget that when you do something better than it’s ever been done before – the sales, fans, and accolades will come. Don’t sell your abilities and efforts short in order to chase the social media train.

career advice, social media tips

When you do step outside your everyday work efforts to make an impact on social media – make sure that you know your audience and the types of content they engage with. Find out what they’re interested in, who they are, what they do and put out content and posts that will reach them and their interest levels. Don’t waste your time and efforts on things that won’t work.

career tips, perseverance, grit

I frequently need to remind myself of this one. Failure is hard. It sucks to lose, but it sucks more to not jump back on the horse and try it again. You will learn more from the failures than you ever will from the roads that went smoothly.

career advice, perseverance, grit, failure

On the same line of thinking, don’t just trust my words on failure. Take it from one of the icons of our generation – failure is at the root of success.

career advice, mentor

We all learn from others. We don’t exist in a vacuum. Find someone who you admire, who has been down your path (or a similar path), and seek their advice, stories, tips and more. By the same token, be sure to ‘pay it forward’ and be the mentor for a younger or newer entrepreneur, by sharing your stories (both successes and failures).


When you are given the opportunity or chance to “wow” a client or a business partner, make sure you shine. Don’t put in half the effort to skate by, put in way more effort than is really needed and show them what you can do and what you have to offer. Sometimes more really is better.

career advice, constructive criticism, feedback

When you are lucky enough to receive some constructive (or unconstructive) feedback. Accept it with grace and try to learn from it. Don’t take it personally, and don’t get offended. This is a part of the path that you’ve chosen, and some of this advice can truly help you to grow in new ways. Practice effective communication skills with those who care enough to offer feedback.

career advice, celebrate success, grateful

Don’t let all the negative feedback outweigh the positives in your journey. Negatives are needed for growth, but finding the positives in each day, recognizing them, and being grateful for them is what the journey is all about. Stay positive!

career advice, setting goals

When growing your business, or taking on a new project at work – make sure your goals are clearly defined and make an actionable plan. Don’t set too many loose goals, or goals that are completely unachievable – challenge yourself to succeed but don’t set yourself up for failure. Be realistic in your goal setting.

career advice, get started

Career Advice: Don’t let your fears hold you back. Start your new efforts today. In one year from today, won’t you wish you had gotten started today?

career advice, professionalism

Successful entrepreneurs or career focused individuals don’t always WANT to work; they just know that the end justifies the means. Stay focused on your career goals and put the time in so you can reap the rewards of your efforts later. What you put into your efforts is truly what you will get out of it.

career advice, celebrate success

Don’t forget to celebrate your successes – even (or especially) the small ones. Each small step on your path is worth recognizing and celebrating because it is moving you towards your ultimate goals. Don’t forget to enjoy the ride!

Thanks for being a part of my #12TipsofChristmas journey. 2015 has been a great year for me to get started on this crazy journey of starting Infinite11s, and blogging about business skills, career advice and more. I hope these tips help to inspire you, keep you focused, and help you to ultimately reach your own goals. Happy Holidays!




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